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I don’t know if years mean anything to me anymore, collectively speaking. Like the vapor/smoke mentioned in Ecclesiastes, I feel I am passing quickly through most days. I don’t dwell like I used to on much, and I am not as troubled as I once was. Credit to such peace be to the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus. Though more often than not I am tired I find I have the strength given to me to get through each day, and like a shadow lengthening ever so slightly so as to not be perceived, a year has passed. Grace in light of everything, as I pass from what waking hours I am blessed with to a sleep I have longed for since my youth, showing me a kindness in years I never thought I would live through.

Short Backstory

Two years ago July I flew out to California to stay with a friend and put together a demo music video for the first song I had ever written. Over the course of the next year I began writing and demoing out the first half of these songs with my good friend Allen in his bedroom. The latter half were unwittingly first demoed the day I was in studio last August. I hope these songs help you in some way shape or form. Please feel free to reach out to me through email or DM me on any social platform.