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I don’t know if years mean anything to me anymore, collectively speaking. Like the vapor/smoke mentioned in Ecclesiastes, I feel I am passing quickly through most days. I don’t dwell like I used to on much, and I am not as troubled as I once was. Credit to such peace be to the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus. Though more often than not I am tired I find I have the strength given to me to get through each day, and like a shadow lengthening ever so slightly so as to not be perceived, a year has passed. Grace in light of everything, as I pass from what waking hours I am blessed with to a sleep I have longed for since my youth, showing me a kindness in years I never thought I would live through.

Writing As Of Late

If you have ever had acquaintances or long time friends kill themselves you should sort of understand where I am coming from while trying to write the last eight months. I was fired from my second job at a coffee shop I was working last October and the next day received a phone call from Allen about a mutual friend I had made through him earlier last year who had just killed himself that past weekend, and then I had a wedding I was shooting all in the same week—with our friends memorial right after the wedding. Fast forward to January of this year. I was informed that a friend I had known since the beginning of high school (almost ten years ago now? dang.) had killed himself too. I hadn’t seen him in about two years I think. Reliving all the horrific thoughts of,”How did I miss this?” with one never knowing he struggled with suicide and remembering a conversation I had with the other about such heavy thoughts, it’s been fairly difficult to put any cognizant feelings or thoughts into words—let alone song. I haven’t really known what to feel other than completely helpless. Another acquaintance of mine (who’s local band I looked up to when I was in 7th grade) asphyxiated died and was resuscitated only to be declared legally brain dead literally a day after he added me on facebook. Come to find out he had just had a daughter three months back. I hadn’t seen him since a house show I shot down in Atlanta two year or so back. All this to say I do not know what will come of the songs I am working on, but I hope they help you—God forbid should you deal with anything similar. Yet, if there is one thing I have learned in my few years it is that nothing is as it should be.

Audiofeed 2018 Summary

I can see why I have heard so many people talk about Cornerstone to this day. Festivals have never really been something I have enjoyed. My preferences have always leaned more towards smaller venues and shows because they came across as more conducive of intimacy. However, after my first experience of Audiofeed, I can definitely say I plan to continue attending. I am super thankful for all of the people I met and talked with, and wish I could have spent more time talking to, and am grateful for the opportunity I had to play my music to a wider audience of people. If I spaced on trading contact information please do not hesitate to reach out.

Short Backstory

Two years ago July I flew out to California to stay with a friend and put together a demo music video for the first song I had ever written. Over the course of the next year I began writing and demoing out the first half of these songs with my good friend Allen in his bedroom. The latter half were unwittingly first demoed the day I was in studio last August. I hope these songs help you in some way shape or form. Please feel free to reach out to me through email or DM me on any social platform.