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singer-songwriter / sojourner

Autonomy & Sovereignty

Our autonomy exists because of God’s sovereignty, it is both within (because of), and beneath (not equal to) Him. If you claim Christ as Lord and Savior, as who He says He is, and yet reject His Word, or strive to interpret it instead of allowing it to interpret and refine you, than you are playing at being a god. If you truly believe the Bible to be the infallible and divinely inspired word of the one and only Living God, I would caution you to perhaps at the very least hesitate far more often than not to add or take away from what the word says.

Revelation 22:19 (NLT) “And if anyone removes any of the words from this book of prophecy, God will remove that person's share in the tree of life and in the holy city that are described in this book.“

Looking back into previous languages and contextual/historical meanings only goes so far, and if we’re not looking into them to learn from than what we must ask of ourselves is if we are seeking something else entirely. When your perspective and opinions resonate with those of the world around you more than scripture this would be a little bit more than a red flag. When we place our faith, or seek to fund rest in anything apart from His Word we are toying with the very “flint that starts the sparks that turn into the fire to fan the flames” (LTP reference). Salvation is found in Christ alone, and under the New Testament we have a profoundly significant amount of liberty which we can abuse under false pretexts coinciding with the devious desire of our own hearts. Arthur lied, do not believe in yourself, that is not the place to start.

Proverbs 1:7 (NLT) “Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.”

The simple resolution to the dissonance within ourselves is to yield to Christ, and not to the temptations which plague us unto death. Thinking we know better is the very thing that caused this whole world of a mess we are in in the first place, but then again, if you don’t believe in Scripture as the Word of God, and are claiming it as anything less than, what real issue should you have with life as it is in the first place?