Spoken World

singer-songwriter / sojourner


For all the deadpan jokes and attempts I make to encite smiles and laughter in others I don’t find much humorous. I tend to think long and hard about everything. Situations most people process easily I run through time and time again, years later even. Introspection can be a vicious beast, and an instrument of torture rather than construction. Without scriptural truth being a driving or resting force, our hearts and heads can tear us apart. If it wasn’t for the few I find community with, and the encouragement I find in those relationships, I don’t know how well I’d have coped with half of the stuff which has occurred in the last year or two. I can see the growth God has been working in me, and I cannot thank Him enough. It’s undeserved. There are so many sides to each of us, and it doesn’t do us well to hide them. To play others or ourselves a fool, masquerading around in assumed perceptions of our own making doesn’t sit as well as we might think with others, or ourselves. Truth is far more evident rather than anything we think we must convince others of. If you ever want to talk about anything, please reach out to me, or the Lord. He’s always got you (as opposed to my good intentions, and failed attempts). Anyways, I hope your 2019 is solid so far. God bless, and Christ be with you.