Spoken World

singer-songwriter / sojourner


I just asked my parents if they feel alone all the time. They do, same as I do, same as maybe you do. There are not many people we genuinely connect with, but on who can we lay blame? I don’t know that it’s ever one persons fault over anothers, but this broken and sinful world we live in is more the devils advocate than any of us cognizantly strive to be—at least I hope. To some perhaps it’s naive to think the best of people and situations, but I can’t help but give people the benefit of any of my own doubt. Forgivness and mercy is something I strive to live by, and not just talk about. However, with damaged friendships, seemingly unecessary lies, and with signifcant lack of explantion on so many fronts I feel exhausted as to what I may do right by. I was told by someone once I have a big heart and to not let people treat me like shit, but it seems like I have a knack for not knowing what’s up when it’s happening. Maybe I just value showing love as best as I can to others more than the ramifications of disregarding my own emotional investment, or openess. Where I can I spend myself. When I look at the life of Jesus Christ, I can’t help but think I have more to give than I think, so I do. Transparency is something I have come to value above social normality. Tact is something I am learning to be better at, but I don’t withold sharing deep parts of myself in hopes of encouraging others. Feel free to reach out through any social media or whatever. Let’s get ramen or coffee.

You are not alone. Despite how you may feel, or how I feel, we are not alone.

Christ be with you.