Spoken World

singer-songwriter / sojourner



there's a joy to honesty

that most can't relate


an openness that leaves us

feeling all estranged


tangible feelings

we try to ignore

or misappropriate



and it's eating at my hopes

it's eating at my dreams


I want to love somebody

as much as You have loved me


though I know in this life

there are no guarantees



bone of my bone

flesh of my flesh


I've been wondering

have we ever met


if we did I don't know

that I'd know if we had



and I'm sick and I'm tired of wondering


my father says that I won't have to eventually



I try to keep my mind on Christ

not the comforts of this life


to love at all costs to myself

and to fight the good fight


but with no one by my side



each day gets harder as I go

and You say it's not good for us

to be alone


but if I am to be

it is well with my soul



'cause I am not who I used to be

I am a new creation

I am redeemed


it's nothing

that I have to see

to believe



but at times it still seems

that it's all still on me


even though You said

it is finished up on that tree



it's hard to take

being told to pray


when what i feel

it seems that no words can say


Thank God Your Spirit

intercedes for me



for every tear

and every sigh


that tends to keep

my troubled


heart up at night


I rest in Your promises

I know that you're by


my side




You set me free



I don't need anything


in You I am complete