Spoken World

singer-songwriter / sojourner



like paperweights

in the back of my head


like layers of skin

i wish that i could shed



i wish could be like the dreams


the ones I wake up from

and I forget




but i wake up

and it's all the same


it's hard enough

to make it through some days


just trying to keep

my head on straight


I'm just trying to keep

my head on straight


but I can't and I fall apart

more often than not


i'm okay with that

if it shows you where to start


but i can't keep

those happy thoughts


that keep me off my feet

they all slip past my eyes


before my hands

can even reach




everything's not as it should be

including me


everything's not as it should be




would the child you were

be okay with who you are


are you really content

with all that you settle for


do you really have

everything that you need


when you're faced with death

will you go as confidently




see that day's coming sooner

than you'll ever know


and you'll stand before the throne

of the One who spoke the words


that encapsulate all you are

meant to be and all you mock


in the end all that matters is

if you're known or if you're not




I pray you are