Spoken World

singer-songwriter / sojourner



i'm glad i never kissed her

it'd given me something to miss

i've always been a fool

for kind words said from lying lips


but it seems

i have lost my taste

or rather maybe

it's something i've gained



i'm seeing shades again

ghosts of lovers i had kept

and thought i held so deep in my heart


the memories remain

haunting my heart and head every day

and the hollowness won't fade


what i once thought full

is now just an ache

some wounds heal

into scars that take



i recall long nights

longing for



by my side


unsettled to

my core


but now i take every day

as it comes


i know deaths

on the way


doesnt matter to me

on which page



i look towards the end

not to finish but to begin


and it's nothing i can comprehend


like in those long nights

wondering if I was in Your sights


why nothing ever seems all right

maybe that's cause it ain't


i thought a girl

could bring me grace


but they all left without a trace


but yeah I'm alright

if no one sees me with Your eyes


because of Your Sons sacrifice

I'll still die a happy man


trusting in Your plan