Spoken World

singer-songwriter / sojourner



i have a sinking in my stomach

and aches that run through my bones


ive found an emptiness to conversation

that makes me feel so at home


I've lost reason in feelings

our hearts speak deceit


and the longer that I live

the more I fail to see



i long to lay my head

to the dirt


and know that I've done

all I could



a great many things in life

I will never know


and I've come to understand

that knowing is not what matters most


a'lot I've to say

your ears wouldn't keep


as lungs fail to give the thanks

each breath should weep



to hear well done

is more than I deserve


all the same

all i hope for



there's a fullness to this life

that is double edged


a language we interpret

an art we counterfeit


tell me

if this is all there is


why that conviction

is so very hard to admit



tell me

do you count

the cost


a soul

is quite a lot

to be lost