Spoken World

singer-songwriter / sojourner



if you truly care for me

than pull no punches

if i bleed than i bleed

i simply want honesty

is that so much to ask for



i just need a little

something more

than everything

i've been asking for


i've no clue what that is

i just hope and pray that it exists


does it exist



if we've hope

of which we don't speak

if there's wonder left

for us to see in this world


tell me where i have to be

i'll go till my legs give out

from underneath me

i swear i'll give my all



here it is again that dreadful swell that pools

within my every cell

and beckons forth a truth

my heart and mind cannot dispel


you see if deaths a gate and theres a key

and hells for those who go willingly than we

lie to ourselves

its something we do all too well



break me down and build me up

ive seen what my wretched hands have wrought

if its finished i am too

take me up in arms with you