Spoken World

singer-songwriter / sojourner



i heard you've been

searching for peace


is it not found with

the company you keep


or does it all seem as empty

as the life that you lead



ive been a friend

to fools for so long


i've gotten so used

to suffering harm


throwing all my pearls to swine

thinking things would change with every try




i find that i am tired

most of the time


longing for more than what

passes me by




it's another day another night

more than i can take though i try to fight


i am beaten like the grains of sand

on the few shores i've had the privilege to stand




and i'm lost and as found as each one of them

tossed by the tides every foothold i've tried


i beg the ocean to just take me in


i find myself embraced like a warm summers night

on an empty beach


the fullness of Your being

far more than my mind can take


but my soul feels inflamed



and those stars aren't thrown across the sky

but each of them placed


and to think any less of ourselves

well that's a disgrace


we're all fearfully

and wonderfully made


home's not here

He's calling

He's coming


the appeal of this life will fade